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Quickest read so far, thanks to Murakami for this ‘weird’ 60 pager! Read it in less than half an hour, part of which was for staring at the illustrations!

A boy wants to learn about Ottoman Empire’s tax system and goes to the library. He is directed towards the ‘Reading Room’ which turns out to be quite an experience! It was like a different version of Alice in Wonderland. He meets an old man, a sheep man and a beautiful girl in there. Just this packed with all things Murakami! He is just so good at turning something normal into magical or his kind of normal!

Tons of illustrations, some cute, some funny and some creepy!This is one of those books which you really have to hold and feel. I got a hard bound copy from library which had a library issue card on it!

What is the purpose of the book? I don’t know! Did it mean to point to something? I don’t know!! If you have gotten used to Murakami’s world and words, you wouldn’t mind such unanswerable questions!