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They met as strangers and talked as friends

Is it on the fate that life depends??


Oh so many  ‘secrets’ they had  to reveal,

For they had very similar scars to heal!


They had once wore their hearts on their sleeves

Wanted not-so-perfect Adams to be their Eves


Life seemed like a blessing and they were on cloud nine,

But dear, not for very long, things were going to be so fine


Hearts were hurt and the dreams murdered

The cries of love always left unheard


In front of their eyes, their world shattered

There was a time when nothing else mattered


The accusations were mostly lame,

For every wrong, they could not be blamed


Heaps did they suffer and lots did they cry

But soon realised they are born to fly


One fine day, finally did they meet

Looking for a ground for their unsteady feet


They talked till wee hours of the morning

Sometimes in afternoon, and in the evening!


When they talked so many things had to unfold,

For there were stories which had  remained untold


They unearthed the lies and cleared the suspicions,

Realised some people are filthy and so are their ambitions


Though apart, their lives were so much intertwined

They talked and they talked just to unwind


Yes, no one is perfect, very much like them

But they did nothing which was of shame


They know it’s a phase that will soon pass

And if they have been good, they’ll have a life kick-ass


They wish the best for each other even when they never met

It’s so true that it’s only the hearts that need to connect……