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Holidays to Indonesia are synonymous with Bali for most of the people, but if you are interested in historical sites and cultural heritage, the country has much more to offer!

We visited Yogyakarta, Java during the Indonesian trip and had quite an experience! It’s also called as ‘Jogja’ by locals.Yogyakarta has always been a place for learning for Indonesians and still is the ‘Educational’ capital with over 60 universities. It attracts lot of tourists and foreign students. At an hours flight from Bali, it takes you to a completely different era.

Most people speak Javanese and unlike Bali, taxi drivers and local people generally do not understand English. We were there to visit two amazing 8th Century temples: Borubudur and Prambanan Temples! They are both listed under UNESCO’s world Heritage sites and are architectural and cultural marvels!

Borubudur  is one of the most important Budhist Monuments in the world, built by the Syailendra Dynasty.



Prambanan Temples’ compound has got 240 temples, which include three main & biggest temples for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva!



Built by Hindu Sanjaya Dynasty to counter the impact of Buddhist Dynasty!

Both the Dynasties ruled Central Java for hundreds of years of enmity until a Shailendra Dynasty princess Pramodawardhani married  Pikatan Rakai, a descendant of Sanjaya, in the 840s.

If you happen to be in Java, visiting these temples should be the reason :), for they are just splendid! Visit them both and give enough time to enjoy them! Don’t forget to take a guided tour! Will write about these more in upcoming posts! 

While in Jogja, don’t miss the cycle-rickshaw ride. These are called Becak’s and the driver is actually behind the passengers.

Maliboro Mall is another place you can go to spend a day shopping and stroll around the nearby streets to see local Javanese life!

There are other places like Sultan’s Palace and some other temples as well in Yogyakarta. So, it surely can make a good trip if you have the luxury, else visit for couple of days while visiting Bali!