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Technology has given us so much, has brought marvels to our lives! World today is so much connected! Everything seems near, accessible and approachable.  I am a huge fan of social media and the way it connects people! It may sound banal and very obvious to someone born in the last decade or so.

But, I belong to a generation where there was a time sans facebook, whatsapp, Skype and even cell phones. I remember standing in a queue in front of a phone booth to call my parents when I was a student and it used to be JUST a phone call! Had to wait for vacations if I wanted to see family and friends back home! And today, people seem much more closer. Thanks to social media, sharing memories and communication has evolved to another level.

Is there a flip side to all this loolapalooza of ‘connected’ world?? Well, maybe yes! There are some things I observed recently that made me think a bit…. Whatsapp, great app, isn’t it?? More after the calling service was integrated! My most active Whatsapp group is the one with my family.. mum, dad, me and my sister (I live in Melbourne, they are all in India). There is always something going on in the group and it’s amazing! I feel like I am a part of their lives and vice-a-versa. A good app/tool put to it best use, undoubtedly!

So, whats wrong? Few months ago, we had this big festival of Diwali where we all wish family and friends! So was on New Year! When it comes to such things, my preferred means of communicating is something which best personal experience. Like?? If a call is possible, then thats what I shall do! I was astonished to see some people living in the same city as me ad wishing me ‘Happy New Year’ on whatsapp, that might be just a ‘Broadcasted’ message, easy-peasy!!! Not everyone would agree with me and can it can be argued but I would rather not do this!

Social media and technology is supposed to bring us closer in the best possible way. But if it makes you choose an easy way, putting ‘good friends’ and ‘acquaintances’ in the same bucket, it’s doing just the opposite. If someone, who can easily call me & does so, even if only for couple of minutes, that would really mean something to me! Personally, I would not miss an opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s face by making them feel remembered!

There are heaps of such other little things, but maybe few other posts! People tend to exploit social media and technology most of the times. They provide a way to reach out, make bridges and its upto individuals to actually USE them to be more social! Come out of the cocoon and be a bit more social 🙂