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Besaikh Temple is the oldest, holiest and the most important Hindu Temple of Bali. About 1000 years old, it’s called Mother Temple.


It is on Mount Agung and you need to start early to see this temple as drivers don’t want to drive there in case it rains or gets foggy in late afternoons. We visited Besaikh from our Ubud stay. It’s a good 2+ hours drive from Ubud.


The complex has 86 temples but three big main ones are of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.


It was one of the places where you won’t be able to stop clicking pictures. Capturing all the temples and group of temples from every angle was fun.



Only worshippers are allowed in the main temple. There was a ceremony on the day we went.

The peaceful complex…


Musical instruments..


There is no entrance fee but donation is compulsory and the people there tend to suggest you how much to donate or what you think enough is less! It’s quite commercialised. A sarong is compulsory, you will be bothered by sellers if you don’t have one with you.


Besaikh probably is the only place about which you will read anything negative online while planning for your Bali trip. Guides who cheat, gatekeepers who force to donate, children trying to sell you things who start crying hysterically if you don’t. Besaikh has got beautiful temples but even your local guide will warn you when you visit.