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Sequel to Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion takes you for another unusual abnormal adventure, this time in New York! Rosie Project was like a breath of fresh air, it was witty and funny in its own way. And Rosie Effect continues the legacy! It’s not disappointing at all and had many laugh aloud moments like the prequel.

Professor Don and Rosie move to New York where he is a Professor in Columbia University and Rosie is doing her Ph. D. So far, so good! And then there has to be some project where Don Tillman can use his intellect and logical reasoning! And guess what can happen next after getting married?? Rosie falls pregnant and there starts a  series of hilarious incidents, typical of the protagonist!

Someone thinks Don will not be a responsible parent and he does extensive research and lotsa other things! And, he gets into serious legal trouble as well! Won’t write much about it to retain the suspense for those who haven’t read it yet!  The book is completely consistent with its prequel in terms of writing style, the characters and they both have a ‘Project’! Tillman still calculates BMI of every person in his mind when he sees them! And the climax is Bollywood-ish dramatic! But it was a good and quick read! Read it if you have read the Rosie Project! If you don’t, you won’t be missing out much!

Some quotes:

“It is generally accepted that people enjoy surprises: hence the traditions associated with Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. In my experience, most of the pleasure accrues to the giver. The victim is frequently under pressure to feign, at short notice, a positive response to an unwanted object or unscheduled event.”

“Watch some kids, watch them play. You’ll see they’re just little adults, only they don’t know all the rules and tricks yet.”

“Rationality was returning to deal with the mess that emotions had created.”

“After the most basic physical requirements are satisfied, human happiness is almost independent of wealth. A meaningful job is far more important.”