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One of the many temples that we visited in Bali was Tanah Lot! Tanah means reef and Lot means sea, which makes it like a small island floating on the sea!


A very popular sea Rock Temple in South Bali! We visited it during our stay in Seminyak as it was about one hour drive from there!


It’s a rock formation, over one third of which is artificial! First restoration was done by Japanese Govt in 1940 after it got eroded by sea and it still is done from time to time.

Visitors go and wash their hands and face in the holy water and receive a flower (to be put in their hair) by the priest!


The main entrance gate was mesmerising! I just loved them ALL!


And the gate to the sea!


Another temple in the vicinity, which only worshippers can enter, you can see the offerings as well πŸ™‚


The surroundings are beautiful too:



From any angle, it is truly majestic!



It’s an iconic place and people say it’s more beautiful at sunset time! Visit it from Kuta/Seminyak.

From an online resource:

“It is said that Pura Tanah Lot has been built on the recommendation of an important Hindu priest Danghyang Nirartha in the 16th century, who has shaped Bali’s Hinduism and religious architecture for the centuries to come.
Tanah Lot is a very important site for pilgrimages and plays an important role in Balinese spiritualism and mythology.”