This time comes every year, when we all retrospect, introspect and make resolutions. AND forget them sooner or later. I am generally not a resolution person, but I do have some wishes for myself in Twenty Sixteen, big & small, easy & difficult…

Not exactly wishes but few things I want to do more and better this year! And be consistent! Most of these things I can make happen, so I guess that makes it a bit easier, no dependencies and blockers, lol! They are all very generic things, but still want to write them down. They say that when you write goals (my wishes), you are more likely to achieve them, who knows! Well, here is the list:

  1. Want to be a morning person again! Yes, I used to be one  7-8 years ago and then things changed. Got inspired from all the BIG achievers who are all early risers! If not a great achiever, I’ll definitely be a better person! This tops the list as it will make the following ones easier because I’ll buy some time for myself.
  2. Want to read more! Reading has always been food for thought, an escape. This year’s aim is more books, more variety and more time to reading. Difficult one, and I already set a mammoth (for me!) target of 75 books on Goodreads! Good luck to me 🙂
  3. Declutter, declutter, declutter: Have been doing this since last two years, but it’s like 6 months of declutter followed by 6 months prep for next year’s declutter 😀 ! Hope I can be consistent, and use the resources somewhere else!
  4. Love myself a bit more: This is so so important! Twenty Fifteen made me realise this in so many ways: few wrong people I met, the Happiness Course that I did, experiments with meditation, awesome people around me, new friends, books that I read, travelling that I did and so on! Just want to spend more time with myself, travel more, read more, learn more, exercise more, chuck out negative people and be li’l less materialistic!
  5. Meditate: Want to explore the spiritual side more. One thing on  to do list this year is the second level course with Art of Living. Not exactly related to this, but want to be able to pray again.

That’s it! Happy New Year !!