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Have you ever asked anyone what should you do next in life??

Have you gone to people asking about what will happen in your life??

Ever judged someone’s love for you because it wasn’t expressed in the way you wanted/imagined??

Ever felt vulnerable when you felt someone else knows YOU more than yourself??

Wondered why you are doing what you are doing for a living? And could you do something else??

If you nodded your head atleast once for any of the questions, you should go watch Tamasha!

And if you find yourself replying with a NO for any of the above (Seriously?? I don’t believe you, lol!) , you should go and watch Tamasha!

So, you got it , aye ?? It’s a must watch movie. And I liked it enough to write my first movie review 🙂

Bollywood flick, directed by Imtiaz Ali, Tamasha literally means a spectacle, something entertaining! And so it was, but not just that! It was entertainment at its best accompanied with a powerful message!

A young boy grows up listening to  stories from a story-teller! …. He is fascinated! ……. As an adult, he meets a beautiful damsel in Corsica……They both Role Play and create a story which is fake yet better than reality……. Girl falls in love with THE guy she is with  in Corsica ……. Promising never to meet each other ever again, they part ways……..They  live the life ‘expected’ from them…..Guy lives a mediocre life of an average working Indian Male……And the girl finds the guy again …..they fall in love .. very much in love!…..  Doh! The pretty lady loves the ‘Corsica’ version of the guy….. which is lost in the banal realities of life……and they separate …… Lost in his life, the guy finds his real story…….. and his real self after lots of bollywood-ish drama!

I won’t write any more about what and how. Just that it’s simply amazing. It’s loaded with all normal bollywood stuff like exotic location, awesome dialogues,  love, drama, great humour in right amount and superb performances by the lead stars. What more can you ask for?

We all are stories, living stories which are evolving, changing and intertwining. Sometimes (or most of the times),  we live stories others write for us and never realise it’s somewhere else we might belong to or we want to belong to! But, we should be thankful if someone can show us OUR story where we fit in beautifully. When the guy acknowledges his girl for this, that makes the best scene at the end. Don’t know if we all get lucky enough to find people in life who can change/shape or show us  our story. But if , in any form, you come across such people, do cherish and try to keep them!

It’s a sure recommendation. If you don’t like it after one watch, keep watching till you understand it enough to love it ;). Don’t think I need to say any more! Long live Bollywood! LOL