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How should a person be?: a novel from life

This is what it is called by the author Sheila Heiti!

Not sure if the book answers the question in it’s title. Atleast for me! It’s a bold, experimental book, appreciated by quite a lot of people and Alas! I don’t add to the count.

Sheila Heiti talks about random stuff from her life surrounded by  her friends (artists) in Toronto. Some parts are interesting to read, giving you a glimpse of intellect and philosophy in general, while others will make you just go ‘ewwww’. Author talks about normal relationship and identity & existential issues in a contemporary setting.

The book is full of numerous anecdotes from Sheila’s life. Bunch of friends, lost in life, decide to do an ugly painting competition amongst themselves. And they cannot decide the winner until the  end. Sheila is struggling to complete her play throughout and talks about her failed marriage and quirky love affair with Israel. Lots of dialogues and emails being shared as part of the book. Written in script style, parts of book are super-quick to read!

Sometimes insightful , sometimes repulsive , but I was not awed by anything in particular in the book and I probably won’t remember anything except the title in few weeks’ time.

Few Quotes:

“It has long been known to me that certain objects want you as much as you want them. These are the ones that become important, the objects that you hold dear. The others fade from your life entirely. You wanted them, but they did not want you in return.”

“Life is not a harvest. Just because you have an apple doesn’t mean you have an orchard. You have an apple. Put a fence around it. Once you have put a fence around everything you value, then you have the total circle of your heart.”

“Perhaps our vision of how life should be is actually no fun at all, and neglects to include the exciting people we have yet to meet, who make the stupid ways life seems to happen, happy after all.”