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I think about electricity as one of the most amazing human inventions! It’s astounding how we can conquer nature in night when it deprives us from the light. Unsurprisingly, one of views I cherish the most is when I can only see lights, lots of lights around me everywhere encompassing my vision!

Can it get any better if this kinda view is from the top of the Sydney Bridge?? Of Course , NO!!  I climbed the Sydney Bridge and enjoyed the breathtaking panoramic view of Sydney harbour and the city during my recent visit to the city! This tallest steel arch bridge in the world has been the face of Sydney since 1932. Being at the top of the iconic structure at 134 meters is one of the most unforgettable experiences! When we saw the climbers on the bridge  from the Circular Quay in the morning, we were just desperate to be there ourselves!


We took the night tour which starts at dusk and finishes at about 10 P.M. Basking in the soft glory of setting sun (it was a perfect day!!), the city looks mesmerising and we also got to experience the view at its best in night. Opera House is just spectacular from up there!


Well, Luna Park looks cute too! But doesn’t qualify for a photo-spot for the tour 😦

For those who are scared of heights, I am a bit acrophobic too! But I took it as a challenge or maybe my love for the lights was big enough to overcome the fear and Yes I did it without fainting :). I just din’t want to see through some of the catwalks just above the water. And yeah, I was momentarily paralysed when a train passed from above me and by my side! Otherwise, it was just incredibly stunning! I could have stood there and stared at the lights forever.


There are various climbs available  differing in time, money and the height they take you to! I did the longest one! It’s pretty safe and well organised. The guides are very friendly and entertain you throughout the tour! You can even organise to propose on top of the bridge (for the adventure lovers, aye!).  

I was ecstatic that I did it. If you happen to stay in Sydney and have time, do yourself a favour and CLIMB the bridge! You will not regret, neither the money nor the time!