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The title itself was enough to make me pick up this one for a read and I do not regret! Its co-authored by the three friends Amanda, Jen and Holly who took the daring trip around the world.

These three New-Yorkers in their late twenties have an OK life in terms of love, jobs etc but are still LOST. And guess what they do to find some sanity and meaning? They travel and go away from their successful but unfulfilling lives. Most of us feel the same way at some point or other in our lives, but very few do what these girls did!

The LOST girls start out their journey from South Africa and go around the world visiting India, South Africa, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India, Australia, NZ. They take turns to narrate their life-changing experiences like volunteering in South Africa, a Yoga course in South India and partying in Goa, unwinding in Thailand. The journey is intimidating yet adventurous. They explore, one of them loses her boy-friend back home but then find things more valuable for real life!

It’s not only a travel memoir but a tale of courage, friendship, quest of self-identity and everything about a typical life of an average woman of modern world. The writing is quite simple but still has lotsa deeper things.  It  will please travelogue readers and the inspiration and emotions are a bonus!  It will keep you interested and engrossed throughout, not for any mystery element but purely because of the adventure and adrenaline rush it brings! At times, the reader feels like living the lives of these free birds. It’s a real story and so does it look when you read it!

It’s amazing to know that after this trip, they still travel frequently together to relive the experience and moments! I don’t know if I can ever do what these girls did, but travelling has got its place reinforced in my bucket list! This book where three friends choose to backpack to come out of their quarter-life crisis is a sure recommendation!

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