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A YA romance after a long time! Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl is about a teenager girl Cath Avery who loves writing fanfiction and her boyfriend loves it when she reads it out to him. Apart from this, Fangirl has typical teenage things like ‘disagreements with parents’, fights between teenage siblings, ‘do-I-like-him-as-a-boyfriend?’ confusion and general ‘social influency’. Thats pretty much it.

Cath is a normal or not-so-normal teenage girl who is close only to her twin sister Wren until they end up in college and don’t share a room. They are exact opposites. Cath is a Fanfiction writer, shy and almost anti-social. Wren is a spoilt brat. Then there is Cath’s roommate Reagen, who is harsh and outspoken. Levi, Caths love interest, is a lovable happy-go-lucky guy!

Fangirl has all shades of teenage in it’s characters. It’s an account of a freshman college year. Just normal teenage stuff! It’s wishy washy,  a bit of everything.  Book has parts of  fanfiction (Simon Snow’s story) that Cath reads out to Levi and they slowly fall in love. I read only the first one completely and skipped almost all of the rest of fanfiction.  Interestingly, Rainbow Rowell’s next novel, her first fantasy, is about Simon Snow.

I had to read something light after my last one by Haruki Murakami and picked this one. It’s not an out-of-the-world novel but a quick , easy and OK read. The fanfiction part made it a bit more contemporary and Cath’s love for books & writing was something I appreciated.  Fangirl didn’t bore me but it’s not something I’ll remember after a while.

The writing was utterly simple to have any quote worth mentioning!