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Learnt lot of things through lot of discussions, activities and exercises. We mostly have read or heard about these things and none of these is completely new. Still, I’ll share the major takeaways from the course:

  1. Good and Bad are complimentary:All the opposites come in pair. There cannot be a day without a night, smiles without tears. You can’t really enjoy/appreciate the good without the bad.
  2. Accept People how they are: This is such a simple thing to say but has a very profound impact on you, rather than the other person. When you try to change someone in any whichever way, you are cooking your own misery. No-one changes really because you want them to. You can never love/friend/like people if you constantly keep finding faults in them and no-one is really bothered about what changes you want in them. When you accept people as they are, you are at peace and you can really connect with them. Think about the people whom you accept without much fuss and think about those who make you frown. The former will bring a smile on your face and the latter.. well you know. When you learn to accept people as they are, you are doing yourself a favour.
  3. Don’t be a football of other people’s emotions or thinking: This one was my favourite and a strong one indeed! How many times we punish ourselves because of what others think about us? How many times are we too harsh on ourselves because of others’ opinion? And the worst part, we keep on suffering and the people have moved on! We carry an excess baggage of someone else’s opinion! It’s really difficult to conquer this one!
  4. Never try to see the intentions behind mistakes: This is another important one. Mistakes are mistakes! Don’t try to find the reasons, over-analyse the situations and trouble yourself. What has happened has happened, let it go!
  5. Live in NOW: If you think about the past or worry about the future, you are spoiling the moment you have now. Just because you want something in future doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from enjoying what you have right now in present.