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Talking about your life, your fears, your questions, that too amongst strangers sounds like a bit overwhelming and sometimes an uncomfortable thing to do! But, actually it is not! I have been to quite a few Life Coaching Events, Spiritual get-togethers or random meet-ups lately and surprisingly most of the times, words are more effortless when I am surrounded by strangers.  

Have done some activities/exercises in these events where I was not troubled at all while sharing things or speaking to complete strangers. It’s one of those moments were people you know seem to be very predictable and talking to strangers bring out the strange things in you. These activities are specially crafted to make you blurt out things, which one would not do in ‘normal’ conversations.

We did one of such activities in this  Happiness course! If someone asks you, ‘Who are you?’ repeatedly, when do you think you will run out of things? And what do you think you would get out of such an exercise? Well, you can do so with someone you know or best with someone you don’t know much and figure it out for yourself, but I can share what I and some of the other participants felt after we did this.

So, basically we did it in pairs where one person would ask “Who are you?” until the other person runs out of answers. I was the first one to ask the question and my partner ran out of answers pretty soon. She answered maybe 9-10 times. When it came to me, I was surprised I could go on and on and on. Probably, she had to ask me 100 or so times.

So, what did I observe??

— After a while, people tend to reveal their values and nature.

— I noticed I had forgotten few things about myself, sounds strange but we often do loose a part of ourselves in the mad rush somewhere.

— I know what I was as a person few years ago and what I need to do to be myself again!

— Also observed what are the bad (rather not-so-good)  things I acknowledge about myself.

— It feels simply nice when a stranger listens to you for so long!

Try doing this and you might surprise yourself!