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I have been quite caught up in so many things all at once lately that writing took a setback. And I then I thought why not use one of those things to bring it back on track! Additionally, it’s something worth writing about and reading!

So, I am taking this ‘Happiness Course’ with Art Of Living right now. The title of the course is interesting enough, ain’t it?  Its about 20 hours in total spread over six days. It’s been three days as of now and about 8-9 hours of course has been covered.

There are times we feel very content and have peace of mind. And there are not-so-good times. We generally do not know what’s missing until we find it. And we can achieve something, we probably want more. Holds true for happiness as well! Plus, all of us need to be reminded of things we already know about. And then people recommend you things just like that. Hell, enough of reasons and stuff!

If people could be happy just by attending courses, we would be living in a perfect world. Still, there are takeaways from all such sessions and courses. Something might work for me but not for others. It all depends on how we receive it and perceive it.  So, I’ll write about random things .. experiences, observations, learnings  etc. form the course. Pretty sure, there will be something to ponder upon for the already ‘happy’ people as well! At Least, it will be something for me to revisit and become happy over and over again 🙂