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Once again a post based on something I picked up from a conversation with a friend!

Alexander Pope once said, “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”

It’ so customary for people to advise you about having no expectations or killing them as a shortcut to happiness. Well, I don’t intend to say that happiness depends on expecting or not expecting. I just want to put some light onto a new perspective about expectations!

With your friends, family, at work or in your relationships, having expectations is inevitable. People who have expectations link them with happiness and disappointment. But it’s seldomly conceded as anything positive!

Don’t you think if someone is expecting something, it’s a kind of opportunity for you to shine? Say at work, expectations might mean that you are believed to have potential to accomplish something! It’s a chance for growth, for development.

Same goes true in relationships. Expectations, most of the times, can be directly related to love and care. People expect only when they are attached to you in a certain way. If you fulfill their expectations (in one way or the other), you win their hearts, strengthen your bond and nurture your relation. Even when you can’t, you atleast you know they love you and are definitely doing something for you, for it’s only then that they can expect!

If people expect nothing from you, maybe they think you are not worthy of doing anything! Sounds a bit harsh, huh! But if expectations are looked upon as opportunities rather than burden or obligations, they might inspire you do things you wouldn’t do normally. So true that perspective is so important!