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My favourite oxymoron.. absent presence and present absence!! Has been on my to-write-about list for quite a long time. These are the things I can relate to so often with people around me! Not surprisingly, lot of people have accepted to have experienced similar things in some way or the other!

Absent Presence.. such an amusing feeling!

Time and again, I find myself in situations where I say something like “I almost felt you were there” to a friend or a loved one. Some people just touch your life with a tiny gesture and the ripples bring a tsunami of emotions in your life! You can feel them beside you even when they are far far away. You can hear them whispering to you when they are nowhere near. You can feel their presence, their warmth even when they are physically so distant! You might not speak to them daily or see them often, but there they are always… right beside you or inside your heart!

Reminds me of the scene from Harry Potter where James and Lily Potter tell Harry that “they were always there”. All of us meet such people in our lives. Sometimes, we realise their worth & value them and sometimes we take them for granted! But like it’s said “Nothing Lasts Forever”, so one should value this beautiful state of absent presence and the people who give us this magnificent feeling!

Present Absence… I guess is more prevalent. It’s like people seem to be in a conversation with you but they are actually not. They hear you but not listen to you! They will nod their head to fake their presence but won’t remember a single thing you talked about. It’s so ironical that inspite of them being 100% physically around you, you feel lonely with them. In their proximity, you cannot be what you are, you cannot speak your mind or express your real thoughts.. good or bad. They bring along a lot of fakeness with them and steal away a part of you!

Ironically, we manage to survive these people most of the times and learn to get along, sometimes ignoring them, sometimes getting a bit hurt! Whatever it is, we learn, grow and live with myriad of emotions brought together by all sorts of people. And this is what makes life an interesting journey!