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Now that it’s been ages since I did my ‘5 things’ post, I realise how much I used to enjoy penning those down. It was like dashing off a  part of my being into a blogpost!!

So, here I go once again with my rants 🙂

Spending time with my friends needs elaboration because this is prone to be misunderstood for sure! Lot of people like spending their weekends or spare time at fantabulous parties with bunch of people! Donned up in flashy costumes and glittering jewellery (And did I say fake smiles??) , such parties/ get-togethers are amazing places to discuss what’s in/out  fashion and spicy gossips! NO offence meant against anyone and as a very normal girl, I do enjoying dressing up and partying but not ALL the time.  I love parties too but there are some other things which I like to wallow in more

  1. Shopping and Window shopping: I did spend some time shopping with one of my close friend today and this is what I enjoyed the most with her…. laughing on the craziest,silliest things, laughing at nothing at all without any reason, declaring some of the ‘so-called’ awesome things as crappy! Well, our wish.. we have our own world when we are together!

2. Kiddo times: At times, I spend time with my friends who have got kids and I had cutest gifts and memories like

— One of my friend’s niece (5 years old)  made  a picture of mine with cute ponytail and flowery dress (like I wore that day)! I would  prefer being portrayed like this more often  than posing with a fake smile for a “picture-perfect” Facebook candidate!

— Handmade drawings from little ones.. I got a drawing of dustbin once, car one other day!

— Two of my friend’s children fighting for me ..each saying I was his/her’s!! How cute 🙂

— Today, my friend’s son made a house for me in a game called Minecraft and he put my nameplate on it!! Haha

  1. Enjoying a super-flop non sensical movie with friends!

I can clearly remember two (of lots) incidents here. During my student days, I watch a “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” with my close buddy. Movie was a flop and we were two  of the only 10 or so people in theatre!  And we laughed like anything!

This February, I watched Roy with  my friends, one of whom hates watching movies. And she was dancing in front of the big screen at the end. Not sure whether it was “ME” affect or she just was so mad at me and chose to take her excitement (read frustration) like this!! Maybe I should post the picture alongwith this post!

  1. Cooking for friends/ with friends/ eating food cooked by them!

Needs some of ‘my’ elaboration again! This by no means is a three/four course meal involving an investment of 4-5 hours! There is no ROI, really! Can’t help with ROI and stuff, after-effects of working in IT! LOL!

I prefer simple meals cooked where I can help in preparation, cleaning and eating of course :). Rest of the time can be better utilized in chit chats!

  1. Chatting, chatting and chatting!

Remember the numerous nights when I was awake with one of my pals just talking and we never realised how time flew! I met two of my friends last weekend after five years and we just talked for five hours!! It’s such a stress reliever and cannot happen with just any friend! Whether it is a discussion, advice seeking session, advice giving situation or just random talks, love them all!  If you happen to talk to someone for hours and hours effortlessly without running out of things to talk about, try not to lose such people! They are gorgeous beings adding beauty to your life! Everyone needs such people everytime!

I am in no way against other kinds of get-togethers which happen due to social or whatsoever hard-to-explain obligations. But most of life’s long-lived cherishable memories are made of much simpler things which we tend to forget and exploit in the mad rush of life, ignorance, hypocrisy or trying to just prove a point that we fit in somewhere!

These moments let me be myself and these are the kind of friends I am referring to here :). Long live my friends 🙂