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Dreams are one of the craziest things known to me. For normal people, dream are like reflections of their thoughts, unfulfilled wishes, deepest desires of hearts, unspoken words and unexpressed feelings, uncanny fantasies  etc. etc. All these are more or less typical dreams, isn’t it??

Well,  not-so-normal people like me have the pleasure of some amazingly bizarre dreams! And by bizarre I mean really silly. There are people from different times of my life (who would never really meet !!) at some place from my real life (probably they’ll never go there!!) and are accompanied by more people ( celebrities, from ads and movies and what not!!). You got an idea, huh!!! Fortunately or unfortunately, mostly, I remember my dreams partially or I remember them completely when I get up. Ask me after few hours .. and ..POOF …they just vanish from my memory unless I write about them! Sounds freaky!!

Guess it’s been a long preamble for what I actually intended to write. It’s not only bad dreams that make you ponder over things and lead to drapetomania. But good ones can equally muddle your thoughts!! So, this morning I had a dream, a super pleasant dream. Something too good to be true. I wanted it to end, so I opened my eyes, kept them so for few minutes ..strongly believing in having a dreamless sleep soon. To my astonishment, the dream continued from the point where I left it, more gleeful than before. And, let me assure you, this dream IS NEVER going to meet reality in this life of mine! I am damn sure that I will not  get to live even a single moment of it!!!

After almost 12 hours, I can still see it floating in front of my eyes, triggering eerie emotions and though it’s a good dream, I want to remove every trace of it from my mind! Really!!

I am just so baffled and helpless that couldn’t help but writing about it!!  I even googled and tried to interpret it. Well, it does point towards something but the thing is THAT dream can never be real and I wish I hadn’t dreamt it! I don’t really know what to do about it!!! But I surely don’t want to have dreams which will never materialize in any form, they turn out to be  worse than nightmares!!