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Indian Cinema aka bollywood! The biggest movie industry! Heaps of movies portray myriad of emotions in so many different ways. Movies are a very preferred form of entertainment for so many including me. Fridays are much awaited when people wait to see yet another  ‘new’ film though most probably it is old wine in new bottle!

They show love with such great fervor that everyone would want to fall in love and believe that it really is a magical thing without any element of practicality associated.  Listen to the most popular blockbuster songs from our movies. They mesmerize you, entrance you and take you to an imaginary world.  They make you think of a beautiful lovey-dovey world which is immaculately perfect, far far away from reality. I don’t think its easy to find such passion and ardor  witnessed in  movies in our real lives.

And the hatred portrayed is equally intense to make your hair stand on end! Sometimes they make the world look like a hopeless place to be in !I don’t know if people really learn to be more loving in their lives  from cinema or anything good from it  but as per normal human psychology, bad things are easier to grasp. People surely get ideas to be wicked. Even if few people absorb good things, equal number of people would takeaway not-so-good things. So, maybe movies don’t do any good or bad overall!

The action that we see is the most unrealistic thing!! Things like one-man-army exist only in the world of cinema. But this is the best unrealistic thing I like to see on the screen!! More unrealistic it is, more enjoyable it becomes for me!! Maybe I am contradicting my own thoughts here.

Agree that one doesn’t want  to see mundane day-to-day things on silver screen and cinema is a way of escapism but it gets too much when this escapism is  totally unrealistic and puts into your head a thought/feeling which can never turn into reality. Whether it is positive or negative, if it plays with your thoughts,it’s not very beneficial in any way.  Honestly speaking, I have experience this thing several times!

Having said that, by no means I am opposed to watching movies. In fact, I do watch almost 80% of the movies that get released in Bollywood! But when it comes to listing my favourites, I have very few to name. What do you think about the content of modern age cinema?? Does it impact your thought process in any way? Do you contemplate  or just  forget about it as you walk out the door?? would love to hear your thoughts!