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Does that ring a bell??? I will be offended if it doesn’t!!  LOL

Iron Man said that in Iron Man 3, I think it’s his first dialogue in the movie.

And I do agree to it mostly. Not that one need to think a lot in order  to realise it but it certainly requires a different perspective to look at things! Perspective, Ah.. that’s becoming my favourite escape & excuse more and more!

So, why would we create our own demons (forget about Iron Man’s demons now!!) , you will be reading about mine (or from my perspective!!)  for atleast next few minutes :). Well, we all aim to please ourselves , isn’t it?? It’s happiness that we seek in various ways, shapes, sizes and what not! So when we know what we want; when, how and why would we create demons?

These demons are mostly self-created, most of the times illusions that inhibit us from being normal and simple! When I look around myself, I see them in all forms.. in form of relations, emotions, thoughts, behaviour, rules, opinions, decisions!

Lot of us are surrounded by people who are in our lives not by our choice, these relations are mostly what society gives us! There’s nothing much we can do about them except learning to ignore the pain that they inflict upon us! If you let them make you think in a certain way or poison your life, you have created a demon for yourself!

Preconceived notions.. a rather  common thing! We judge people without knowing a single thing. When you let other’s drive you and let things overpower you, it is a demon! You are being controlled! Sounds scary to me atleast!!

Quite interestingly and more than so often, someone else’s opinion about us bothers us so much that we tend to lose ourselves. We victimize ourselves for no reason. What a shame! Can anyone ever know more about us than ourselves??

This one tops the list! We, humans, are so good at stretching things/matters. We definitely have dedicated memory for remembering things and holding grudges in our minds. We let the small things grow huge! It costs us dearly so many times. Ironically, not many of us realise it ever that it was our demon!

Forgiving, forgetting and ignorance are so important sometimes!

I hope we can all work towards knowing and killing our demons! As Gandhi rightly said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”!