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Who doesn’t create lists for one thing or other?? We all do and we feel a sense of accomplishment when things are striked off the list!! But for TBR, the longer it grows, the better!!!

It feels great to strike off things from TBR and feels even better to add new ones!! So much to read!!


So, how do you add things to your TBR list?? Well , I’ll tell you what I do first…

— WordPress Reader: Over last two years, I have followed quite a lot of blogs. If I like what they review, it goes into my list as well!

— Goodreads :  I check recommended section quite often, observe what others are reading, browse by genre etc. etc.

— Online: I have registred books/literature/reading as an interest for all newsletters. I do get some good pick ups from there. I also frequently google for things like “Top 10 classics to read” or “Top ten self help books” , “Top Ten books of 2014” etc. Stumbleupon is another favourite source!

— Book Shops – I hardly buy books to read for myself but I browse the stores for New Arrivals and Bestseller section. This is my favourite time-pass on airports. I click pics of all the books I like and then add them to my TBR pile! I have got tons of such pictures of book covers :).

I do this in library as well whenever I can sneak in for sometime.

— Word of Mouth: Just praise a book or say something about a book in front of me and off it goes into my TBR!

— Author : If I really like some book by an author, I check out “Also by the same Author” on front/back of the book cover and google them all. If something clicks from the description, voila!!

What do you do to find candidates for your TBR??