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At 17 years of age, Dante Bridgewood is about to receive his A Level Results and  all excited to go to Uni soon and dreams of being a journalist. Little did he know that he is a father to Emma until one fine day when Melaine, the mum, does a runner and leaves the year-old with him! This  changes his life for good!

Boys Don’t Cry by Malorie Blackman is a story of a teenage father, his gay brother and not-so-communicative father! Yes, It’ all about BOYS throughout except for the little Emma. All the boys, in the book and maybe in real, tend to be reclusive at the times when they really need to call for help. Reaching out for support, which might be as easy as a pie, is just not their thing.

There are a lot of straightforward things established beautifully in the book. For instance, how a child changes the life of everyone in Bridgewood house and make them laugh in unison at ordinary things & how it is very much required for love to be expressed explicitly  in words even when it’s presence is much obvious in relations like between a father-son or between brothers! It’s amazingly heart-warming to feel the love of a teenage father for his daughter (which he gradually develops), love between brothers, love of a grown-up father for his sons, love between gays through Malorie’s effortless words.

Boys Don’t Cry, the book was as unusual as it’s title. It’s not only about teenage parenting, but parenting  and lot of other much-obvious-but-neglected things about relationships in general.  It’s written in a very simple manner making it a very sweet and quick read!! Take-away from the book: “Everything must be expressed, whether it is love or need or gratitude!” I am glad I picked this one up from Malorie Blackman and look forward to reading more of her work! If you enjoy finding “ extra-ordinary in ordinary” like me, this one is for you!

Few lines from the book:

“Don’t you know that boys don’t cry?’ Adam grinned.

‘Shall I tell you something I’ve only recently discovered,’ I replied, not attempting to hide the tears rolling down my face and not the least bit ashamed of them. ‘Boys don’t cry, but real men do.”

“Sometimes the things you’re convinced you don’t want turn out to be the thing you need the most in this world.”

“The truth isn’t going to bend itself to suit you.”

“Temptation leans on the doorbell, but opportunity knocks only once.”

“If you can only have one, which means more to you? Being someone or making a difference”