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Disclaimer: Thoughts written in this post are purely my own, based on observation and deduced from real life events and people . Hence, any resemblance (if you can figure that out!! ) with anyone living or dead is NOT unintentional!! LOL

There’s an astounding number of social media sites on the World Wide Web, though most of the users use only top 10 or something on a regular basis. These sites, combined together, provide a myriad of platforms to people for sharing and collaborating on different aspects of life from work, culture, photos, music or just fun.

Social Media enjoys a varied audience. Some are power users who are omnipresent  while other are just passive ones who are invisible but watching over you!! But there is yet another set of “non-users” who claim they don’t have time or that this hype over social media is a bullshit.  And this post is about what my opinion on such users…oops non-users!

I have a simple rule: “If someone is not on ANY Social Media site, aka zero presence on the “Internet” in any form and Google search on this person does not return you anything meaningful” , it means

  1. The person is fake.
  2. He/ she has got something to hide from the world.
  3. He/ She is abnormal.
  4. All of the Above.

Since inception of world, its claimed that Man is a social animal and has to communicate, share, collaborate with the rest of the world to survive. This process has evolved as time progressed but the fact that we, as human beings, need interaction with our fellow beings always holds true.

When people get excited about something happening in their life  or pissed off at late trains or have a bad meal at the restaurant and share it with the world, I feel its OK to do so!  It’s completely normal to have a new profile pic every few days :). All this is a kind of interaction, driven by the complexities and curiosity of human mind.

Having said that, I don’t mean that everyone has to have a profile on every possible media, its just that there is something to suit everyone’s taste/profession/preference. You might not want to jump on to these sites every couple of hours and post something to prove that you are alive and that is perfectly OK too. But not being out there in ANY way means (to me), someone is trying to shy/hide away from the world and its people and few other things (hard to describe) and I would just call it “weird”.

I agree that lot of people might disagree with what I have written here, some passive users reading this will be nodding their head while reading this and ‘normal’ users like me would be smiling. But this was just a random thing I wanted to write about and I am glad that I did. Fee much better now (the social media lover in me smiles!!)

I am a big fan of Social Media, huh!! What are your thoughts?? Good, Bad, Ugly….I would love to hear!