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Port Blair, capital of the Andaman And Nicobar Islands, is the city in South Andaman here you will fly to if you plan a vacation there. I visited this place in January first week  when blistering heat of the the city was in contrast to the cold in my hometown. This, generally is a peak tourist time for the city due to winter vacations in most parts of India and the not-so-common rainless days in Port Blair!

There’s much to do around Port Blair like the Havelock Island, Jolly Buoy Island etc. I thought Cellular Jail and the Ross Island deserved individual posts because they are historically so important but there is  lot more to see and do in the city itself which will make this post as  my final one for that trip.

Museums…no wonder  there are so many of these in Port Blair! Chaltam’s Saw Mill is  one of the oldest and largest in Asia. though it looks a bit primitive in the way it operates but people do go there!


Apart from the Saw Mill, there is a Forest Museum which displays heaps of wood artecrafts and a Japanese WWII bunker.


If you have time, pay a visit but you are not missing out anything if you don’t!

Samudrika Marine Museum is worth a visit according to me. It has interesting sections like  Anthropological, Shell, Corals etc. I liked the collection of corals and shells, especially because I know there are very rare chances I can go underwater to see them in their natural habitat! they show a movie there about Andaman’s history etc. It’s a nice place to see if you can do so. Closed on Mondays!


Zonal Anthropological Museum: This was an OK place if you are interested in such things! You get to see a lot about the aboriginals of Andaman.

Fisheries Museum is another one where you see specimens of fish. Was not really interesting for me! Din’t like so many fish and sea creatures crammed in bottles on display!

Shopping: Yes, if you want to shop for anything from Andaman, do it in Port Blair. People generally buy pearls and things made from shells and woodden artefacts. They make so many varied things from shells there from hair clips to spoons!! Heaps of options to buy souvenirs for your friends ! I got pearls, 3D mats and lot of coral remains and shells straights from the beaches 🙂

There certainly are more places to visit other than these but this was all what I did!