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When I just want to read something for fun and pure entertainment accompanied by adrenaline rush, Sidney Sheldon is my favourite pick. I guess I read almost every book by him ages ago except “Are you Afraid Of the Dark?”.


There’s not much to write about in this review. But I wanted to have at least one post dedicated to his books. They are all packed with almost every emotion.. deep love, intense hatred.. spiteful revenge.. complete package , as they say!!


As always, it was a page turner and had strong, brave female characters; something I love about his books! Two widowed women trying to find the reason behind their husbands’ death. And who are they fighting against? One of the most powerful man in the world! It’s a race against time and luck! I finished it in less than four hours! Of course, enjoyed it!

Would I recommend it? If you like Bollywood masala flicks, go for it!

Even if you don’t, try this one 🙂