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My answer to this question can be Yes and No and I can justify (in my own way and words of course!!) for both.

Yes, because WHY NOT? Is LOVE not the most beautiful feeling? Ask those who are in love!! Love itself is a celebration, celebration of life! It’s a feeling which makes the world go round! Love can be seen in numerous forms, can be expressed in tons of ways, can be felt in so many different ways. Still, it is always charismatic and has the same warmth  It’s amazing.. to love and to be loved or both if you are lucky!  Life is beautiful for those who can enjoy the bliss of love. So, if you get one more chance or reason to celebrate this magical thing, you must 🙂

No!! If you are in love, isn’t it something which is omnipresent? You live with it, in it and it’s all around you… in your actions, in your gestures, in your thoughts and little things. Everything starts with it, it is the journey and it is the destination as well! The reason for it be there is just itself! It doesn’t die, it doesn’t fade away. It might change its face or form but its always there! Enough said, do you really want a day to remind you of something which is so very important! Every day has something for love in it!

Having said that, I would assume that if someone chooses not to celebrate today, other days are as lovely as possible which makes it hard to differentiate today from any other day!!  That was an unearthly assumption 😉

 So, that was one funny confusing post, phew!!! What side are you on? Do you celebrate it? Do you wait for it? Do you make efforts to make it special, memorable?? Or you are in the other boat!!

And yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day to those who,

Are in love, you will appreciate it most

Have been hurt in love, you need it the most

Are seeking love, you are so eager to be wished

And to those who deny accepting such things: you haven’t yet met the right person maybe 😉