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2 whole years

When I penned down my first post two years ago on this very day, I was not sure of why I was doing it! It was a random push from a friend and I just wrote it! I had no idea what I was getting into and little did I know that  blogging was a whole new world!

Somehow, I managed to write atleast 4 posts every month on an average and something kept me going. Two years of blogging! Putting down my thoughts, reading lots of amazing stuff, knowing new people, getting admired and appreciating others! All of this has been wonderful. It’s almost an addiction now, a way for my thoughts to escape!

So, well it’s been fantastic, a big big thank you to all those who have stopped by, read, liked, commented, motivated and inspired! I have known new people, learnt new things, read about the same things written in a fresh style and it’s all so amazing :).

Birthdays are special and I wanted to try something different this year and challenge myself! So (not sure if anyone noticed it,  LOL!), I decided to write every single day for this month! And, I have succeeded so far. Hope I’ll reach there!

Happy Blogging to all the fabulous bloggers out there!!