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Ross Island is another tourist place in Port Blair for those who are interested in seeing historical places.


It’s mere 800m away from Aberdeen Jetty in Port Blair and there are ferry services 2-3 times in a day to take you there.


The island is visible from  the terrace of Cellular Jail. Once served as headquarters of British settlement for over 80 years, it is a property of Indian Navy now.

Named after British Marine Surveyor  Daniel Ross, the island is only .6 sq k in area. Easily walkable!! This is an island in Andaman where you don’t go to see the beaches but the ruined remains of the buildings which represent the history of an British Era.


It was called “Paradise of the East” about hundred years ago! All the construction and development was done by the prisoner Indian freedom fighters. It was  Its amazing to know that Ross Island boasted of having a church, a printing press, water distillation plant, Indian Bazaar, a lake,  Ball Room etc. etc.  in that time and was home to about 500 people!! It was quite over-populated for its area! All the places are in ruins now. I have never really seen a place with such ghostly buildings (or whatever remains of them)


On one side, it reflects the tasteful life of British but on the contrary, is also a witness to deaths of Indian Freedom fighters due to sheer hard work and lack of basic necessities. So ironical! Ross island has played a very important role of protecting the city of Port Blair during Tsunami of   The walkways and most of the island  are full of  tall coconut trees. We took a 2 PM ferry and returned at 4 PM. Fortunately, it was the time of deer feeding there and we got to see couple of hundreds of deers at one place, one of which was kind enough to pose for me for long !!  😉 .


If you happen to be in Port Blair and have few spare hours, visit Ross Island! It’s closed on Wednesdays.