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I was a bit reluctant to pick up A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron inspite of the accolades from so many people just because I am not into dogs or any animals generally. But I am so glad that I read it, it was such a good read, worth of every single minute spent on it :).

It’s writing is quite simple and amusing at times as the narrator is a dog, quite unusal! The book is about four lives the dog lives as Toby,  Bailey, then Ellie and finally as Buddy. Astonishingly, he remembers everything from his previous lives…. the people, places etc in all his subsequent lives.

The book proves the famous adage “Dog is a man’s best friend” but from a dog’s point of view. It’s so heart warming to read from a dog’s perspective (even though the reader knows that author IS human anyways!!) about the affection and bonding they share with their human masters/owners.

First life of dog is not very interesting and I was about to abandon the book!! Bailey, second  of dog’s lives, gets him very close to Ethan and he calls him the boy! Bailey grows up with Ethan, plays with him and believes that school is not a place but a state of not being with the boy!!  He realises his purpose is to be Ethan’s dog. During his third life of being a “she-dog” named Ellie, he learns to Find and Show when he is a rescue dog for Jakob, the inspector. It’s so touching when Ellie observes hidden bitterness in Jakob’s life, unlike Ethan’s and he figures out the reason  was Jakob being alone. The third life showed how loving, caring and affectionate the dog was when he saved a little boy’s life!

The book couldn’t have a better ending as the fourth story which has Buddy using his Find and Show skills from second life to find Ethan back who is a lonely sad old man now. Not only this, Buddy also knows that Ethan’s life would be complete with a partner and he finds his childhood love back for him. It’s a journey of a dog through incarnations where he grows, learns and serves the purpose of his life!   It’s a beautiful book, filled with humorous interpretation of human behaviour from a dog’s perspective but more than that it’s a book which makes you think about your purpose in life and whether you actually live to fulfill it!

Heart-warming, humorous, entertaining, it’s a sure recommended read, whether or not you love dogs!!

Some lines from the dog, oops the book:

“Because failure isn’t an option if success is just a matter of more effort.”

“You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.”