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“ I have a gut feeling that blah blah blah”.

“I just felt like so”

How many times have you heard yourself or someone else speaking such statements? Pretty often I think? Do you believe in this? What is this invisible force that guides people and sometimes makes them do things… unusual things? Do you always follow it? Is it easy to ignore the little voice?

We humans are supposedly the most brainy species in this world and maybe thats why we use or rather overuse our little brains so much that we miss out on lot of things. It’s a common notion that lots of thinking and pondering will lead  to a better decision.  But, sometimes just listening to one’s heart and the subconscious mind can open new possibilities and  work wonders.

We all can hear these inner voices. They  try to prevent us from doing something, they also push us in certain direction. Sometimes, the instincts want us to like someone when it seems not-so-right or dislike someone for no reason whatsoever!  There’s often a conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind. And who wins? Ummmm… I really don’t have an easy answer for this one.

These instincts or gut feelings influence our  actions frequently, isn’t it? I have experienced it more than few times. On occasions, I have shushed the inner voice, exhausted my brain and and ignored it unwillingly. I don’t regret .. neither the wait nor the decision. At times, I stepped out of my comfort zone , did things on the spur of a moment,  just because I felt like doing so. And I have no regrets, maybe I was always just too lucky! The uncertainty, the perplexity…  they are all ephemeral yet enjoyable!

Well, there are things which the eye cannot see and mind cannot think of! So, when the little fella at the back of your mind talks to you, listen to it! Life has so much to offer that most of the times it seems too short. Trust your instincts once in a while, maybe you will surprise yourself!! And we all love surprises :).