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It’s very well said that key to happiness is a bad memory! If we learn to forgive and forget more often, life would be much less complicated.

First reason that comes to mind when you think about forgiving is definitely love. It makes you ignore quite a lot of things. But, there is other side of coin as well and some other reasons:

  1. Forgive because you need to move on. It really cannot be called moving on if you have grudges or bad feelings about anyone or anything irrespective of how worse it was. When you let go of something, you can hold on to new things which you deserve truly!  It really is that simple. And if you can really move on and find happiness again, is there a sweeter revenge you can take from the person you are forgiving!!
  2. Forgive to remove toxic feelings from your mind and life! Understand that forgiving is a favour to yourself. It is a sign that you respect and love yourself. You forgive for your own good and not for anyone else’s. If not anything else, you will definitely have peace of mind.
  3. It lets you perceive the world around you in a much better way. If you have a nagging feeling, a bad thought or a grudge, you can’t really focus on the positive things in life and grow. And life is too short to miss out on anything!
  4. It gives you a sense of achievement and power. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, look at it in this way… letting go requires a lot of courage and strength. Sometimes, you need to fight yourself. And if after all the struggle, you can forgive, does that not mean you are the one controlling your life?
  5. Being in a position where you have forgiven proves that you understand what happened, you have analysed and concluded that somethings are not meant to be and few others are unavoidable, you are not guilty of anything and have come to a peaceful agreement with the pain & suffering. When you can accept things, only then you can forgive and only then you can live YOUR life again!

If there are two things you can do, hate or forgive,forgiving is a better option.