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No trip to Andaman and Nicobar can be complete without a visit to Havelock Island!. Situated about 57 kms east of Port Blair, it is reachable by a ferry ride of about 1.5 hours.


Mostly inhabited by Bengali settlers, the island is very small and provides for only basic necessities. The island does not even have a petrol pump and depends on Port Blair for things like mineral water.  It will allure the tourists who are looking for a serene, picturesque, not-so-lavish but close-to-nature place.  People are very friendly and simple, I guess because they don’t have much exposure to rest of the world ;).

There are only three tourist places to see on the island, viz,

1. Radhanagar Beach: It was rated as the Asia’s best by Times Magazine in 2004. It still is beautiful! Turquoise water and surrounding forest are amazing!


The intricate artwork on sand done by some creatures was fascinating:


People also stay their till sunset to enjoy Sun setting into the ocean.


2. Elephant Beach: Take a ferry again from Havelock in morning to reach Elephant Beach which is even smaller than Havelock and yet so beautiful. Heaps of water activities and rides are available. Underwater Walk, snorkeling, Banana Boat ride, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, water scooters… there is something for everyone. Closes at 3:00 PM.


Its named so because decades ago, all work here was done by Elephants! There are some Tsunami damaged trees which make for beautiful photography locations!

3. Kala Paththar Beach: We went there because we stayed in Havelock for two days. Personally, I am not a water person and beaches do not fascinate me much. But, waters of this beach is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Shades of blue, green and white..it truly was marvelous! For those who want to spend some time only listening to sound of waves splashing, this is the place to go as its never as crowded as the Radhanagar Beach.


Don’t miss the coconut water and the fruit salad here!


While coming back, take the evening Ferry to see the most amazing sunset, I loved it!

You can hire a two wheeler and explore the small beautiful  island on your own but don’t shop for anything here.