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Shilpgram festival is held every year in my hometown during the last week or so of the year. It started on 21 Dec. this year and is on till 30 December.


“Shilp” translates to Craft and “gram” to village, hence its like a craftsmen village! Every year, craftsmen from all over India come here to sell their craft. There’s a lot to buy, be it handmade pashmina shawls from Kashmir, embroidered and mirror work clothes, beaded handmade jewellery, iron utensils, mud and clay and a variety of handicraft.


These mud and clay articles are amazing!


These colourful hangings grace lots of shops!


The tiny flies are also made of iron, such intricate things! I wish I had zoomed in more 🙂


More of clay craft ….

DSC_1131 DSC_1158

There are lot of live performances as well throughout the day. I could capture only one done on the ropes while balancing the pots on head!!


No Fair can be complete without amazing food. Like the craft, you will get a taste of whole India in this fair!! I love the live icecream made form fruit juice (top left one in pic below) and the bhelpuri (top right). There is something for everyone!!


Apart from this, there is an ampitheatre with seating capacity of about 8000 where cultural performances are done everyday.


Set in a village ambiance, it attracts local people and Indian as well as International  Tourists equally. Is there anything else a tourist could ask for?? You can easily spend a day there without getting bored and most probably you would want to revisit!!

If you are visiting Udaipur during Winters, this deserves to be on your itinerary for sure!