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2014 was quite an year for me! I have lost…, I have gained…. I have grown..not only in age but in  heaps  of other ways… I have learnt… learnt a lot. Maybe I am a wee-bit wiser, maybe not! But this is one year which will be hard to forget!

Few things I have learnt/observed/experienced the harder way:

1. Fakeness: I was literally amused by it, seriously. People are fake, promises are fake, expressions are fake. So many things are phony and bogus! People who pretend to be unhappy are happier than most of others while those who look so happy on FB have a shitty life! At once, I almost lost the sense of making out what is right and if so, how much??

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed!  Such an old saying, but you understand it only when you experience it. Lot of people can blabber about doing this and that and that for you. You know someone is your real friend when he/she is by your side when you need them!

3. Don’t judge anyone: One thing I have promised myself is that I won’t judge anyone! You can never understand what someone is going through even if you know all the minutest details. It’s just that simple. So never judge people, everyone does what he/she thinks is the best according to him/her. If someone has a tendency to kill/cheat, thats what he/she will do. You can’t help it, you can’t change it!

4. Let Go, AND at the right time:  Somethings are not meant to be. We have to and we MUST let go anything/anyone that keeps us unhappy, miserable and is not worthy of all the pain! Let go before it’s too late.

5. No one can help you but yourself: People can teach you, preach you, console you, sympathise with you, even cry with you. At the end of the day, you can’t overcome any hardship unless you ACCEPT it and you want to come out of it. It’s difficult, very very difficult, might take a long time but is certainly not impossible.

6. Being Happy and content is very important:  If you are happy and appreciate what you have, everything seems good, you can keep people around you happy and it only multiplies! By happiness, I don’t mean huge house , big car or an amazing job. You can have average of these and still be happy. Pursue your interests, be with positive people, do what you enjoy, donate,  watch funny movies, read a good book, experiment in kitchen, write random rubbish things, paint crazy things, click absurd pictures… so many ways!!!

7. There are lot of good people around you: When things don’t go the way you want them to be, the first thought that comes to an average person like me is that world is full of only bad peeps. But there are as many good ones as well, everywhere.

8. Be Selfish and Be yourself:  Yes, its important, for your own good. Never loose yourself in this mad world. Keep the individual within you alive and anyone who suffocates that person is definitely not your well-wisher! Do what makes you happy; don’t live someone else’s life. Don’t hurt others unnecessarily but don’t ignore yourself always. If you respect yourself and recognise yourself, you can expect the same from others. Else, be ready to be taken for granted.

9. Anyone can be bad and anyone can be good:  Its not something I have observed only in 2014 but a general thing which I believe more and more every single day. Being good or bad does not depend on Caste, colour, nationality, age,  the relation to you or any such absurd thing/logic! Use your own mind to decide good and bad. And if you can’t , don’t borrow someone else’s opinion. That would be the worst thing to do! It’s ok to be confused about a few things, LOL

10. Forgive and Forget:   Don’t hold a grudge at any cost. That’s the most negative thing you can do to destroy your peace and pollute your mind. Don’t curse, bad mouth or criticize. Leave these things for the less intellectual & sensible species of the world. Moving on without any bad feeling is a favour you do to yourself!

11. It’s OK to be OK: Don’t be a perfectionist. Nothing or noone is perfect and will never be. It’s good to dream big and want certain things but don’t let it ruin the other small pleasures which are much more easily achievable!

12. Control your life: No Matter what you do, there will be someone who will not like it, will make a face about it. Just ignore such tiny things and don’t let anything or anyone disrupt your peace of mind!