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So many things, big and small, intentional or unintentional , planned or unplanned can bring happiness in our lives, smiles on our faces and content in our hearts. At times, we get so much immersed in the resulting joy that the source is easily ignored! Actually it’s very important to spot the reason so we always have a recipe for pleasure!!

For me, creating something has always been a source of satisfaction and cheerfulness. It’s always like an accomplishment when I create something on my own. Amusingly, this “something” can be a lot of things! It can be a dish for hungry palates, a piece of writing for the bibliophile, a test case I write at work or just anything!

This afternoon at work, we were creating Halloween boxes for the decoration tomorrow and I was just blown away by these little simple yet cute things! It reminded me of the paper balls and toys my dad used to make for me during my childhood (actually till I was way too old 😉 !! )


Just felt so happy when me and my colleagues  filled a carton with these beauties! However small the creation is, it always fills me with a thrill and a sense of power… the power of achievement, a feeling that I am capable of creating something. It’s just a very unique feeling. It’s like leaving a mark, creating an impression. I know it sounds a bit vague and far fetched but such simple things can be such a great source of motivation and inspiration, don’t you think so??

Life is not always only about huge houses, posh cars and fancy jewellery. There is lot of happiness hidden in small, simple, creative things which are more easily accessible, achievable, enjoyable and shareable!!