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Talk about marriage and my mind thinks about days-long festivities, colorful dazzling  clothes, glittering jewellery, scrumptious food. Weddings in India are a lavish affair!  Of course, the lavishness varies based on one’s financial status and lot of other things.

I have always thought about the relevance, need and rationale behind the “BIG FAT” weddings and I myself have views for and against the whole thing. But anyways, yesterday I got this opportunity to attend my first “NON-INDIAN” Wedding and I must say, it was an amusing, atypical experience for me!

The Wedding, rather a ceremony, was attended by 15 people altogether, that too including the Bride and the Groom! That itself astonishes me, but maybe because the couple is not from Australia and doesn’t have many family members here. But, they were all close friends, people who “really” felt happy for the couple getting married! Wedding vows, exchange of rings, signing the documents.. and that was pretty much it!! They were declared Man and Wife .. united for life in less than 20 minutes! It was followed by a lavish 7 course Latin American dinner and a Karaoke Evening! A day well spent, undoubtedly!

Whatever way or whichever place one gets married, the vows basically have the same significance. It’s always about uniting two people, give their love and relationship a name and then they share their life! The Wedding was so simple, yet so beautiful in its own way. The bride was as excited (& nervous!!) just like a typical bride; the Groom was as happy, just like a Groom! The couple’s happiness , mirth and joy  was  unspoken in words, yet so much felt in their smiles..glances and quick eye-contacts; the  environment was so warm and full of love! I was overwhelmed!  Isn’t that what marriage is all about!

Yesterday was the day when  I did actually feel simple things can mean as much as the exuberant affairs. Sometimes, less is more! And maybe better. The event is such an important one,  memories it creates are priceless, the bond that a wedding makes in inexpressible. And, there are so many different ways this can be accomplished It’s just something which occupies my thought process lot of times but I never really could write about it. I just wrote down what I felt, making this post as one of my quickest posts!

People go places to get married, spend helluva lot of money to get married. They do it because that’s the way they want to do it! Or maybe there are other reasons, I don’t know! There’s nothing wrong or right which I want to talk about in this post. It’s one of those things where what works best for you is right for you and what you do feels the bestest thing to do!  I would love to know what you think about it!!