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It seems quite natural & obvious to all of us to demand perfection in almost everything around us. We need an ideal partner, an ultimate  job, immaculate house, the best car, awesome friends,  flawless relationships and so on; simply put : a perfect life! But seldom do we realise that we all are imperfect in so many varied, weird  ways. There are more faults in us than in our stars  and these flaws define our unique persona, make us what we are.

Almost all the times, we tend to  perceive things/peoples/situations/circumstances as black and white, they are  either  good or bad, and the rest is ignored. We think or dream about certain things, we expect people to love/like us in a certain way,  we look for  respect, attention or gratitude in some form, we anticipate expressions, words  & reactions in our conversations but all in a way defined by us. And there is nothing wrong in it.  When we give, we deserve something? True, isn’t it?

But the problem arises when we confine our wishes in boundaries and create hard rules. We treat everything as a multiple choice question and there we go, million shades of grey get missed!!  Ironically, we might not even realise this while doing so as we are seeing things only which we wish to see. Happiness and joy come in all forms, shapes and sizes, at unexpected times, from unexpected people. It’s easy to miss them  in  commotion of emotions but with a little flexibility, it can be easier to appreciate them, enjoy them and create beautiful memories!

Just because something or someone is not exactly what we expect never means that it is not worthwhile. It might not be the best but it still is something, better than nothing!  It’s just a different flavour, a different spice! Slight change in outlook  or broadening it might disclose a whole new perspective to things, unfolding more reasons to be happy , sometimes bringing more meaning to things! Life is too short to miss these infinite shades of grey which are so accessible, and  are waiting-to-be-discovered delights! It’s these million small sometimes-hard-to-notice things that give life that extra zing and thrill we all crave for! Have you ever felt like this or is it only me!!! Well I think we just need to extend a hand, open our minds and create some space for these “grey” things.

So, Be Flexible and Stay Blessed 🙂

P.S. : I have used grey here as a metaphor just to symbolize something between white (presence) and black(absent) ; it has got nothing to do with negativity!!