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If you google this post-title, you will find heaps of links talking about lots of ways to declutter your life. The most apparent ones include tidying up your desk, donating things from your wardrobe, deleting files from your computer and so on. There are so many places where we accumulate clutter around us.Sometimes it is impulsive shopping or sometimes it is just being lazy, but we all have disguised reasons behind it.

This evening I was talking to a friend over coffee and she mentioned  that she “unfriends” people on Facebook quite a lot of times when she hasn’t been touch with them for a while. It was just a casual thing she said in midst of a conversation but gave me something to contemplate on while returning home.

I just though about the friends I have on FB which is a decent number (386 to be precise!!). For my profile pics, I generally get 60-80 likes and its almost the same people! So what are the other 300 odd people doing there?? Some of them might be passive users while lot of them might not bother about what I post! Is it not a clutter!

We meet so many people every now and then. Some stay with us as friends and give us beautiful memories. There are others which come and teach us a lesson. Even these are good in a way! But then there are few which stay but they are no good.  They spread negativity, belittle us, try to change us.. manipulate us, maybe drag us into something wrong and what not. They come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of associations/relations. Ironically, we might not even realize it until very late! How many times do we have enough sense to acknowledge this form of clutter? And how many times we have adequate courage to free our lives from such people! 

It sounds weird to even think about people as clutter but when they become toxic, don’t they prove to be the most unmanageable clutter?? And should they not occupy the first place on our decluttering to-do lists! This, by no means, is an easy task and doesn’t mean that we  throw people out of our lives for any silly reason! But still it is an inevitable task sometimes which we must do as a favour to ourselves! After all, we all have only one life to live!

Have you encountered such people and realised something similar? If yes, what did you do?