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Smile is  one very powerful expression. Whether you merely flash a smile or grin from ear to ear, you definitely will make someone’s day, make someone feel better  or at-least make the other person smile. A smile goes a long way! It truly does. 
Surprisingly, there are so many ways to smile.  You can not only wear a smile on your face but it can be heard in your voice, felt in your words. A twinkle in your eyes, warmth in your presence, tenderness in your touch…all alluring ways to smile!    
Be all smiles when it seems like the most difficult thing to do. Smile is the bestest way for pain in the heart to come out! It neither will make anything better  nor will it change much but the world will always look brighter from behind a smile! And that’s exactly what we all need to perceive & realize most of the times. Never wait for happy reasons to smile, rather believe that your smile can create happiness, in & around you! 
A Smile can be the most contagious thing ever. Sheer joy turned into an expression… a genuine smile is effortless, bewitching. It can touch the hearts, make bridges and  can even be more expressive than words. A gorgeous smile is not something which can be easily forgotten!
Spread the sunshine and magic of smiles when people least deserve it because that’s when they need it the most! It can work wonders!! Smile because it’s one of the few things which remains with you even when you give it! So, hug people with your smile and you will feel the difference!
Keep Smiling 🙂