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Ever since I started blogging, I have discovered writing to be a very rewarding thing. Love it when my word’s touch someone’s hearts and when I get appreciated for it! But somewhere deep in my heart, I envy people who can pen down poems. Yes!! poems.. long or short… with or without rhyming words…some which have deeper meaning or some which are just so simple and straight forward, yet beautiful in their own way… poems which say so much in so few words..so effortlessly! My sister and one of my cousins are the closest people I know who possess this talent!! I wish I could write poems too… I hope I will one day 🙂 . Good Luck to me !!

Well, it’s one of my sister’s friend’s birthday today and guess what she got as one of her birthday gifts? My sister wrote a poem for her! Amazing, isn’t it?? I thought its such a great gesture and wanted to share the cute poem with all of you! So, here it goes…

You and me

Will always be

Unsung and untouched

The way it’s meant to be.


Not always in touch

But never too apart

To hear the strings of each other’s heart.


From bedlam and back

 And sunshine to gloomy days

 Along windy rides and goodbye cries

We had our different ways.


Not always expressive

Not completely honest

We listened we accepted

The way we could best.


Whatever we become

And where ever we end

I hope we have one another

To brighten and mend.


You and me

Will always be

Undemanding but relying

As it was meant to be.

Authored by – Neha Dak


If I ever figure out how to write poems, I will write one for all my dear ones around me :).

Meanwhile, if anyone has suggestions on how I can acquire this skill, please feel free to leave a comment!!

Happy Writing !!

P.S.  Thanks to my lovely sister for letting my blog have it’s first Poem! Love you loads!