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This one was an interesting session! Scaled AGILE always fascinates me but I really never got to understand SAFe in its truest sense primarily as I work for a comparatively small company and maybe I never put it genuine efforts to do so!

The presenter made a point that Scaled AGILE is much more than just SAFe. 

He referred to few articles/posts worth reading:

1) http://kenschwaber.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/unsafe-at-any-speed/

2) http://www.djaa.com/kanban-anti-safe-almost-decade-already

3) http://neilkillick.com/2012/03/21/the-horror-of-the-scaled-agile-framework/

4) http://theitriskmanager.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/two-legs-good/

5) http://cognitive-edge.com/blog/entry/6238/safe-the-infantilism-of-management/

6) http://www.scrumsense.com/blog/scaling-scrum-organisation

If you read all of these, you will get a fair enough picture of what SAFe is not !

He talked about various other AGILE scaling approaches ; basic idea and people behind each of them, roles , books, diagrams and other resources. 

— SAFe : Scaled Agile Framework 


— DAD: Disciplined Agile Delivery


— EBMgt : Evidence Based Management


— ETF: Enterprise Transition Framework


— LeSS : Large Scale SCRUM


— SA@S: Scaling Agile at Spotify (A interesting one!!)

Click to access SpotifyScaling.pdf

— ScALeD: Scaled Lean Development


— PDFbyR : Product Development Flow by Reinertsen


Lastly these were compared in terms of  Blueprint v/s Principles, Commercialization, Scaling, 

To be honest, the presentation slides were one of the best I have seen!! Lot of information in such a compact format and  easily readable. I got a lot to read from this session 🙂

Slides can be found at: