This session in LAST Conference  talked about the ingredients of successful and productive Agile relationships.

The presenter asked the attendees to come up with the qualities required to build an Agile environment. The list had items like patience, trust, respect, empathy, reliability, compassion, honesty, openness, collective ownership etc.

After discussion in small groups, TRUST as voted as the main and most important factor responsible for cultivating an truly AGILE environment. She then expanded TRUST as per the book “Emotionally Intelligent Living” by Geetu Bharwaney as:


T: Truthfulness

R: Respect

U: Understanding

S: Support

T: Time

All the participants were asked to come up with qualities/attributes to explain each of the above.

At the end of a session, the walls were pasted with sheets full of Agilist words. It was a good session involving lot of participation.