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This session in LAST 2014 was about the AGILE Wall Tours to Telstra, Seek, Aconex and MYOB.

Group of people visiting other companies to observe and understand how they manage their AGILE Walls! 

Physical Walls v/s Electronic Walls has been an interesting topic to debate on and there are pros and cons for both. But after seeing this presentation, I cannot agree more that Physical Agile Walls provide for more transparency, collaboration, participation and visualization, which are all very important for an Agile Team.

The Presenter, Mark Smith, showed how walls are maintained by all these companies. It’s interesting to note that these are not limited to just the SCRUM walls. There can be a wall for almost anything you want to visualize, like 

— Portfolio Wall

— Program Wall

— Kaizen Wall

— Book Wall to share knowledge

— Bubble – Up Walls (different teams can share thoughts/issues/ideas for management to have a look at)

It’s only limited by your imagination! And adds a fun component to work!

Would like to end this write-up with an amusing quote by the presenter – 

“Walls are like drinking; if you do it alone, you have a problem”