This was the first lightning session and as a visual person, I liked it undoubtedly! Lynn Cazaly is the author of Visual Mojo.  

The main session, actually a two hour workshop, was about drawing your own Canvas for practically anything, about which I will write later. In the lightning talk, she rapidly told about how to capture the happenings of a meeting or a discussion in form of pictures or quick sketches. Such a powerful tool it can be! Brains and eyes look for patterns and simple sketches are easy to draw and perceive, and interesting.

Some of the things I noted down from the talk:

— The thoughts of other people can be represented in bubbles.  You can write your own as bullet points.

— If someone refers to a book, you can quickly draw a small book (google images for “book sketch” ) and write the name inside it!

— Ideas can be represented with a small bulb-like  idea icon (google images for “idea icon”!)

—  Action points can be represented in Action Arrows.

— Draw a heart near something you really loved!

We already know about most of these things but sometimes someone needs to remind us that they exist! Idea is to just be imaginative and start using this small visual aids and add creativity to make your work fun!