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Never thought I would be writing about music , let alone a review! But as they say, there’s always a first time. So, this has to be my first one for music!

I can really be a music buff most of the times, not only because it is something which I enjoy but also because I have ample opportunity to pursue this interest of mine; be it commuting to work, working at my desk or just cooking or doing nothing :).

I have liked and loved tons of songs in past, so much that I listened to just one song for days! But this one is quite a different experience, mainly cos I LOVED
each and every song from this movie. Everything about the songs of Ek Villian …from lyrics to singing to background music is overwhelming! I am just addicted to the songs and the obsession keeps on increasing!

With six numbers, album is a complete package, song for every emotion, every mood!
Teri Galliyan will mesmerize you whether or not you are in love, its just so full of love!
Banjaara acknowledges all the beautiful things love brings into one’s life beautifully!
Zaroorat is an amazing sad song which doesn’t make me sad at all! Nice background music and awesome lyrics as well!
Awari is about how love can make and break someone and is so captivating. Great music again!
Humdard is the most romantic of all and maybe my most favourite! Slow, soothing, simply amazing!
Galliyan unplugged has got Shraddha Kapoor as the female voice which is the only reason it stands out for me, kinda love her fresh voice!

So yeah, it must be clear now that I am all gaga over the songs and loving them :). I can go on and do a post-mortem of ll the songs but I think it’s enough for now :). Just feel ecstatic after writing all this!!