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Sounds like a bizarre title for a blog-post, isn’t it?? Well, it came up during a casual talk with a friend sometime last week and was recommended for some attention in form of words. So, here I go.. trying to make some sense out of seemingly nonsensical statement!

We often embrace changes, for so many varied reasons..boredom, fun, exploring something new, persuasion by someone, unavoidable circumstances, sub-conscious decision, just for the heck of it, or because that is the only other option! How many times in reality does a change actually brings “the intended change”??

People change their diet to loose weight, does it have an impact all of the times and for how long? They relocate to new surroundings to find THE missing thing in their lifestyles, and very soon there is something else or the same thing missing again! Quite often jobs are changed , in hope of a better workplace, work culture, better boss and it turns out to be same shit, just a different form!! Some belong to a more daring species and change relationships/people from their life, often not realizing the real thing demanding a change might be themselves. 

We try to acquire numerous new things/habits/ways or whatsoever and expect them to be life changing events rather than mere much-wanted distractions & deviations! But the truth is It doesn’t take long to realize the presence of old wine in a new bottle! We force changes to be happy, only to be made unhappy again by the same changes! And then what?? The vicious cycle continues, unending, un-fulfilling and daunting! 

But all this still gives some pleasure..some satisfaction, in some form of other, however short-lived it is!! Changes give hope, inspiration, sometimes even a reason to live! Maybe that is the reason that change remains the only constant in life!!