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I have always had a penchant for books and novels! And I find it quite difficult to digest when when I hear people saying that they don’t enjoy reading much. I know hobbies cannot be imposed on anyone but still when it comes to something we really enjoy, it seems so natural to expect everyone else to echo the feelings! Maybe people crazy about PS3 games would feel the same when I express my disinterest about them!

So, back to the point about why I am bewitched by books. When I read, I am teleported to a different world.. world which is sometimes bizarre, sometimes charismatic, it can be ecstatic as well as melancholy, sometimes it portrays a slice-of-life thing while at times it can be totally illusionary. It’s an amazing feeling when I lose myself in characters penned down and sometimes I try to discover myself in them! Whatever it is, it’s always a pleasure to read and realise something interesting. Its a world that draws me into it!

Life seems too short to feel everything we want to feel, do everything we want to do, see everything we want to see and even imagine everything we want to imagine. That’s when Books can be a pleasant surprise! They give you a periphery for your imagination , yet a lot of liberty to picturise/imagine something, be it a character, location or anything. Words can be really powerful and impactful in their own way!

Even if Lord of Rings was never brought to the Silver Screen, anyone who has read the book would have a vivid picture of Middle Earth! Quite a lot of us might relate to Howard Roark (Protagonist of Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead) while a lot would completely loathe his individualistic view! Who would not wish to experience the love like between Scarlett and Rhett Butler from “Gone With the Wind” or something akin to Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice! If I start counting the characters I love and admire, I am pretty sure the count would be more than the real life people! So many unforgettable experiences and feelings are captured in books.

Books can make us think about the unthinkable and visualise the impossible! Reading is a pleasure unparalleled and unrivalled. It gives different dimensions to one’s perspective, it’s a food for the thought process. One can learn so much the World of books which might be much more harder in the real world! I wish I could have reading as my paid-job , lol!!

Happy Reading!!