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Human brain already is perhaps the most complex thing ever in existence and when the goddamn “human nature” makes it over-work, it can turn the simplest of things into the most twisted ones!!

Life in general is quite intricate and we almost always unintentionally make it a bit more complicated. Time and again, we find ourselves in situations where we hold ourselves so much that we don’t even realise what we really wished for!

We restrict ourselves from talking to people, reaching out to them, showing appreciation, being grateful, being thankful and so many other things. And reasons? Well, hundreds of them.. fear of being rejected, fear of being ignored or disregarded, possibility of not getting a vice-a-versa response, thinking about what people would think and the best of all…assuming the counter-reaction and making it the reason for the constraints we put on ourselves.

Is this all worth it? Do we all not get just one life to live? Is it not true that if we do not give things a try, its unfair and like an injustice done to ourselves? Someone rightly said  “If you don’t try, you have already failed!”

If we assume that answer to a question as NO and don’t bother asking it, it remains a NO with a lost opportunity of it being a YES. It’s worse to hold something in our heart and wondering if we could get it than making a failed attempt! Sometimes we realise the worth of something (be it a person or relation or a tangible thing) when it seems to go a bit farther from us. And we might try to reach out when it actually is beyond reach. And that feeling of missing something by inches!!

We don’t realise that it’s perfectly OK to be an ice-breaker in life, listen to our hearts, being honest to ourselves and do things for our own sake. Life can be a bag of surprises if given a  chance! We never know what we have been missing unless we realise there is a possibility of getting it. Giving something a try and failing can have a hidden motive or even a stroke of luck. We should, at times, let our inner self drive us with a belief that the bestest of things can happen in the heat of the moment!.